Let's Keep Refugees Warm & Fed This #GivingTuesday


Dear Friends,

The holiday season has arrived! As we gather this week with family and loved ones, we want to thank all of you for the incredible support that you've given to The Syria Fund this year. 

With your generosity, we've given 100s of Syrian refugee children an education for another year, instructing them daily in reading, writing, math, science, music, art and more. We've distributed thousands of food boxes, hygiene kits, and other essential supplies. And we've supported partner programs that reach vulnerable men, women and children across Northern Jordan, giving them the support they need in these difficult times. You made all of this possible! 

Look out in the coming months for our 2017 Annual Report for more details.

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Winter Items For #GivingTuesday

Heading into Winter, The Syria Fund is teaming up with our friends at the Collateral Repair Project in Jordan to bring essential winter supplies to families. With below-freezing temperatures, many refugees lack warm clothes and heaters to stay safe and comfortable in the winter months. This #GivingTuesday, will you give $50 to keep a refugee family warm, clothed and fed?

One coat for a kid: $15
Monthly food voucher for a family of 4: $50
One kerosene space heater: $42
Fuel for the space heater for one month: $15


Your Donations In Action

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Hiba's Story:
Hiba lives in a 3-bedroom apartment with ten other people, including her two children. “There are holes on our ceilings and walls, and we can’t even use one of our rooms because the rain comes through,” she says. The war in Syria hit her family especially hard, “We lived near Homs and when the army came they took men and women. The army took my husband to prison where he was tortured and killed.” They have just six blankets for the 11 members of the household, and are extremely grateful for the heater that they just received.





Jamal's Story:
Jamal and his four children left Homs, Syria in 2014. “We didn’t have heating last winter. This is the first time we have received anything,” Jamal said. “We used to live with my brother, but he went to Canada and the heater he left stopped working not long after that. We only had two blankets last winter. It wasn't enough to keep us warm.”


It is only with your support that refugees like Hiba and Jamal get the supplies they need! The Syria Fund supports thousands of refugees and other vulnerable families like them across Jordan. 

Thank you for supporting our important work. We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

With gratitude,
The Syria Fund team