The Syria Fund is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping individuals in need amid the chaos that is the Syrian Refugee Crisis.


Our Mission

Our mission is to restore dignity and enrich the lives of Syrian refugees and other vulnerable families by providing critically-needed items and supporting educational programs.  


The Syria Fund provides opportunities for refugee families to create a sense of normalcy after experiencing tremendous hardships over these last 4+ years of conflict. In the face of this enormous humanitarian crisis, we focus our efforts on families living in Mafraq and Azraq - cities in Jordan with significant populations of Syrians living outside of UN-organized refugee camps.  These families are underserved by large, mainstream aid organizations and The Syria Fund provides meaningful contributions to directly better their lives. 

Currently, The Syria Fund is focusing on three major initiatives:

1. Building education facilities to provide access to children who have missed years of school.

2. Purchasing and distributing material goods including food packages, winter prep, hygiene items and medical supplies.

3. Songs For Syrians, a music program developed in partnership with S'Cool Sounds. Learn more!

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Young girls outside of a catch-up classroom in Azraq, Jordan

Young girls outside of a catch-up classroom in Azraq, Jordan