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About Songs For Syrians

Songs for Syrians is a music and dance program designed for Syrian refugee children in partnership with S'Cool Sounds, a music non-profit based in New York City. In June 2016, The Syria Fund launched the program, bringing a week of music to our partner school in Azraq, Jordan.  Music director and concert musician Nina Stern and Montessori music educator Matilda Giampietro, PhD, shared their innovative approach to the group study of instrumental music and dance with the students and teachers at SAWA using recorders and local percussion.

The workshop culminated in a concert and celebration for the wider community featuring our students, teachers, and local musicians who performed both traditional Syrian songs and ones we brought from the U.S. 


The Syria Fund has hired a dedicated teacher to continue music education bi-weekly basis at the Azraq school. In addition to teaching music composition, rhythm and percussion to every student, recorder classes are held for level three students.

In October 2016, Songs For Syrians expanded to three new schools for Syrian refugees in Salt, Jordan through our partners at MECI! 



Songs for Syrians has also incorporated students around the United States into this program by teaching Syrian melodies and connecting students with Syrian kids in Azraq for a cultural exchange through the language of music!

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