I'm raising money to help Syrian refugees!

This June, I am excited to travel to Jordan with The Syria Fund! With the help of private donors, my recent trip in January was fruitful and we were able to deliver aid to hundreds of Syrian refugees living in informal camps with our partner organization HRJ.

Learn more about The Syria Fund, HRJ and other local partners here!  

the situation in jordan

Jordan is not a wealthy country, yet has been welcoming refugees for many decades. The 2015 population census shows that there are 1.2 million Syrians living in the kingdom, which means that 20% of the population of Jordan is now Syrian. The famous camps of Zataari and Azraq only cater for 20% of Syrian refugees.  Outside of the camps many refugees receive little or no help with food coupons and medical help has to be paid for, so families are often forced to live in abject poverty.

UNICEF calculates that there are 60,000 children in Jordan, living outside of the official refugee camps,who have no access to any form of education. Although Syrian children are allowed to be registered in schools, they are only able to go if slots are available. In addition, many barriers such as lack of funds for school supplies (which the families have to provide), transport costs, psychological trauma, and bullying. Also, a large number of refugee children have fallen too far behind to go back to school within their grade-level. Children have endured tremendous psychological trauma and grief. They’re left without any hope for healing or a future while their health continues to deteriorate.


For my upcoming trip, Morgan and Milo generously donated a luggage full of new shoes for the Syrian refugees in Jordan. My second luggage will contain school supplies and hygiene products collected by the girls at the Lincoln School in Rhode Island.

In addition to buying and distributing critically-needed aid, I will also join The Syria Fund in the Songs For Syrians program, an in-depth five-day music and dance workshop for 100 Syrian children aged 8-15.  Music director and concert musician Nina Stern and Montessori music educator Matilda Giampietro, PhD, will share their innovative approach to the group study of instrumental music and dance with the students and teachers at SAWA using recorders and local percussion. The workshop will culminate in a concert for the wider community featuring our students, teachers, and local musicians who will perform both traditional Syrian songs and ones we bring from the U.S.  The program has also incorporated students in New York and Connecticut by teaching Syrian melodies and connecting students with Syrian kids in Azraq for a cultural exchange through the language of music! 

What a blessing it is to have all these people involved in a beautiful cause. I am grateful for your consideration. Please know that 100% of your donations are tax deductible. I will also provided detailed reporting and photos to show how your donations are spent!

*Please be sure to note "Nora" in your donation!*

examples of donation items

Exchange rate: 1JD = 1.40 US Dollars

1)      Caravans – sewing caravan in North Zaatari (White Hands Charity) to teach women sewing skills and work on school uniforms.

2)      Classroom caravan 8x4mL: Cost: JD 3,600 = $5,000 US

3)      Industrial Sewing Machines, fabric, and miscellaneous supplies.  

5)      Hygiene/Needed Baby food packets

a.       Ladies pads pack of 10 = 0.26jd

b.      Toothpaste and brush = 0.5jd

c.       Shampoo large = 1jd

d.      Washing powder is about 1.1jd per kilo

e.        Body Wash liquid bottle – 0.75

f.        Family food box = 20jd = 28.21 US dollars

g.       Milk powder 400gr = 1.5jd

h.      Milk powder 800ge = 3jd


6)      Medical needs – Mercy Corps need at least 1000 jd per month but usually need more.They try to make sure women and moms to be have proper medical care. This money also goes to purchase pre-natal vitamins etc.

7)      Eye glasses – we often help Mercy Corps and other charities with the purchase of eyeglasses. They do all the testing and fitting so we just buy the glasses and it makes a HUGE difference in life.

8)      School running costs – always need stationery and snacks

9)      School bags – we fill school bags for distribution throughout the year

*Please be sure to note "Nora" in your donation!*