The Syria Fund partners with the Middle East Children's Institute (MECI) to enhance their Education Program, which provides instruction in Arabic, Math, English AND ART to over 2,000 children in 22 schools throughout Northern Jordan.

We are working with MECI to help expand its education and life skills programs, support outreach efforts, and hire and train new teachers and counselors.

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Teenagers, a particulary hard demographic to reach, learn skills like self awareness, confidence, public speaking and more in TSF-supported Life Skills trainings. Syrian and Jordanian youth come together to become the future leaders of their communities.

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Syrian outreach counselors are responsible for reaching out to students to enroll into the MECI program, advocate for its academic achievement results, and overall follow-up with families about child's integration and attendance.  Two TSF-supported outreach counselors have thrived in their positions with MECI.

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TSF support has helped MECI enroll 2,545 students in the program, train teachers, host graduation ceremonies, set-up picnic and field days and more!