Introducing The New Azraq School!


After more than 7 months of work, we are proud to wrap up 2018 with the completion of our new campus at The Azraq School!

Thanks to our partners Emergency Architecture & Human Rights (EA-HR) and with support from HRJ, Nashmyat al-Badiya and our extremely generous donors, we have successfully completed the construction of a new education facility for The Azraq School. This incredible new campus consists of 6 classrooms, including a library and an IT room, a kitchen, three toilets, one outdoor communal seating area with shade, and a sports court.

Beginning in early 2019, we will open this campus to host more than 250 Syrian and Jordanian children with enriching programming including classes in Arabic, Math, English, Art, Music, IT, and more. The facility will create jobs for more than 20 adults including teachers, support staff, cooks, and more! 


The construction process began in June and consisted of a huge training component where local workers were taught how to build compressed earth bricks using local materials found in the Azraq area. The program trained and employed nearly 55 local workers (both Syrian & Jordanian), and indirectly supported nearly 350 members of their families.

Throughout the summer, 22 international volunteers came to Azraq to work alongside the architects and local workers.  Intricate building details include Catalan vaulted ceilings in the downstairs rooms, domed upstairs rooms with skylights and windows throughout, Mashrabiya woodwork, and beautiful brick work throughout the facility.

Next up, we'll be furnishing the classrooms, hiring additional staff, and registering new students! We are so excited to bring these rooms to life!

Interested in getting involved? Consider making an end-of-year donation to help support this program! Your donation will provide classroom materials, support teacher salaries, and provide enriching and innovative programming that gives children the education that they deserve.

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Thank you for your consistent support and Happy Holidays!

With gratitude,
The Syria Fund team

Photos by Chiara Garbelotto - EAHR