Songs for Syrians: Our Team Is Going To Jordan!

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We're going to Jordan!

The Songs for Syrians 2017 Music Week is coming up May 12-20. Read on to learn about our plans! 


We can't believe it has been three months since we all gathered together in New York City for the Songs for Syrians fundraiser! That night, we raised $21,000 that to help expand our music program for Syrian refugee children in Jordan. As part of the program, we've tapped into the expertise of Nina Stern and S'Cool Sounds to bring an intensive week of music education to the students and teachers at 4 different schools across Jordan. 
Here's the update:



Nina Stern
Concert musician and founder of S'Cool Sounds Nina Stern has been hailed as an innovator in teaching school-age children to be fine young musicians. Nina has shared her teaching methods with students and teachers throughout the U.S. and in the Netherlands, and has spearheaded recorder programs in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, Kigutu, Burundi and in multiple classrooms for Syrian refugee children throughout Northern Jordan in partnership with TSF.

Owais Omari
Owais has been working with The Syria Fund as a music teacher and program coordinator since September 2016. He is an accomplished guitar player, singer and educator. In addition to his work with refugee students, Owais plays in two different bands and helps TSF and our partners keep our programs on track and ever improving. 


Spiff Wiegand
Spiff plays over 20 instruments as diverse as accordion, didgeridoo, and violin. As a one man band he even plays up to 7 simultaneously (see the videos on YouTube). He regularly performs in a wide variety of styles like Western Swing, Contra Dance, Country, French Musette, Rock and more. He's taught music to youth from 3 months to 18 years and has designed curricula for classes in improvisation, practicing, body percussion, and frame drums. Click to learn more!

Lexi Shereshewsky
Lexi was inspired to start The Syria Fund after spending time living and studying in Damascus, Syria throughout 2009 and 2010. As Executive Director, Lexi works closely with TSF's partners on the ground and donors from across the U.S. and around the world to bring people together and programs like Songs for Syrians to life. 




Sahab: 45 minutes south of Amman in Sahab, TSF runs weekly music classes as part of MECI's 2nd shift education program in Jordanian public schools. Click to learn more. 
Al-Rahba School: 115 students attend the Al-Rahba School in rural NE Jordan through our partners at the White Hands Association. TSF is excited to launch the SFS program at Al-Rahba this Spring! Click to learn more.
Azraq School: TSF's music team is excited to return to the Azraq school this year where we initially launched the SFS program in 2016. Click to learn more.



To build upon the great work that our music teacher Owais has been doing with the children, and to take them to the next level, Nina and Spiff are designing a special curriculum that will include new songs and techniques for the recorder, instrument building, hand percussion and more! The instructors will have specific time with classroom teachers to expose them to the benefits of using music in their everyday lessons. At the end of each school’s session, the students and teachers will have the opportunity to perform for their peers and celebrate their accomplishments!

Music is a proven method to help children learn in so many ways. The students in our programs have endured so much -- from fleeing their war-torn country to missing years of school due to lack of access. Music is a way for them to reconnect, use their brains in different and unique ways, and just have fun! You can learn more about all the ways that music benefits a child's education HERE

We’re so excited for the 2017 SFS Music Week and we hope you’ll follow along! We’ll be posting from our social media handles on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to join us!

And in the meantime, get inspired by the ORIGINAL song, written and composed by the Azraq school’s 3rd grade music class, Al-Shams Al-Azhar (The Sun That Makes The Flowers Grow):

Thanks for your continued support! This is all possible because of YOU!

With gratitude,

The Syria Fund & S’Cool Sounds Music Team