URGENT APPEAL: Border Relief

Dear Supporters,

We are in urgent need of your help.

As many of you know, The Syria Fund has been providing critically-needed food and hygiene aid to the vulnerable population of Syrian refugees stranded in a remote desert area on the Syria-Jordan border.

These refugees -- who now number close to 75,000 -- have been almost entirely without humanitarian assistance since the end of June when a security breach led to Jordan sealing the border. 

A make-shift graveyard on the Syria-Jordan border [source: Amnesty International]

A make-shift graveyard on the Syria-Jordan border [source: Amnesty International]

Food is scarce and disease is spreading. Aid organizations have not been able to reach the camp to properly document the awful conditions.  But recent satellite images show makeshift grave sites.  Aid workers believe the deaths are due to hunger, hepatitis and other infectious diseases, and women forced to give birth without medical care. 

We've just gotten word that our partners on the ground have finally received permission from the Jordanian authorities to deliver food aid this week.  We are asking for your support to ensure that they can purchase and deliver as much food as they can bring.

We urgently need your help to make this possible.

A generous donor has agreed to match all donations up to $5,000, so your gift will have twice the impact!

As always, your donations will go directly towards purchasing and delivering items into the hands of families in need.

Please help us by spreading the word to your families and friends. This is an opportunity to make an immediate, life-saving impact for people who desperately need our support.

Examples of food items and pricing:

5 kg bag of rice: $4.25
5 kg bag of sugar $4.00
Box of tea bags: $1.75
Can of beans $0.35 each
1.8 liters of cooking oil $2.85
800 gram bag of powdered milk $4.25

Thank you for your generosity and continued support. Together, we are making a tremendous difference and we are so grateful to each and every one of you for making it possible.

Lexi, Demetri & The Syria Fund team

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