Songs For Syrians Update

Dear Supporters,

This past June, The Syria Fund launched our first music program Songs for Syrians. Since we started, we've been committed to continuing the program and expanding it to reach other Syrian children who can benefit from the experience of learning a musical instrument and interacting with their peers through music. 

As Nina Stern, concert musician and co-producer of Songs for Syrians said,

"It was a powerful and uplifting experience, spending a week in Azraq with The Syria Fund and our music team - at times joyous, at times sad, at times frustrating, but always inspirational. In our S'Cool Sounds programs we aim to teach many things through music - focus and discipline, team work and compassion, communication and respect - but primarily we seek to bring joy to children, their teachers, and families. We had many joyful moments, which were made all the more precious by the knowledge that these children and their families have endured such suffering."

This week, our Songs for Syrians program in Azraq held their first concert AND we formally launched the program at three new schools for Syrian refugees in Salt, Jordan through our partners at MECI. 

Led by our extremely talented and dedicated music teacher Owais, we are continuing to bring music to our students and in doing so, encouraging their self expression and personal growth for years to come!

None of this would be possible without YOUR support! You are making a HUGE difference getting these kids back on track, in the classroom, and using positive outlets to express themselves after all they have been through. THANK YOU! 

If this program inspires you, like it does us, share it with your friends and consider making another donation to support Songs for Syrians today!


With love and gratitude,
The Syria Fund team