Thoughts On Recent Events

Dear Supporters,

It has been a hard couple of weeks for everyone. First there were the heart-breaking attacks in Beirut, Paris, and Bamako.  Then there has been the increasingly hostile rhetoric focusing people’s feelings of anger and vulnerability into blaming Syrian refugees, who in many cases have fled violence as horrific as what we’ve seen recently.

As people discuss barring refugees in this country and elsewhere, many are tempted to see the plight of Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey as someone else’s problem.  But there is a direct link between the situation for refugees in Syria's surrounding countries and the thousands of people risking death and spending their life savings to board a smuggler’s boat for Europe.  That is why we are continuing our work to help the refugees living in Jordan. 

Refugees will feel less pressure to leave for Europe if we can provide basic needs, including education, food packages, and access to household and medical supplies.  If Syrians remain in the surrounding countries, it will be easier for them to return to help rebuild their homeland once the violence is over.  Indeed, every single Syrian we've spoken with in Jordan expressed a desire to return to their homes and communities in Syria. 
Here at The Syria Fund, we know we’ve still got a lot of work to do.  With your help, we continue to focus our efforts on creating access to education for the thousands of Syrian kids in Jordan out of school and we continue to respond to emergency situations through direct giving.  This week, as we gather around the table for Thanksgiving and think of our many blessings, we want you all to know we are grateful for your continued support - thank you.

Lexi, Demetri and The Syria Fund Team