Emergency Response On The Border

Over 17,000 Syrian refugees are stranded in a remote desert area between the Syrian/Jordanian border, trying to get to Jordan. The number has increased by the thousands in the last few days as the situation in Syria becomes more and more dangerous. Unable to enter Jordan due to new restrictions, their situation is rapidly deteriorating. 

Last week we sent out an urgent appeal to you asking for $3,000 to bring aid to this desperate community. You answered the call.  We are happy to report that in just three days, our supporters donated over $3,600!  That brings The Syria Fund's total support for these relief efforts to $5,600.

Since last Thursday, our partners at HRJ bought, collected, packaged and distributed several tons of aid including food, blankets, heaters, hygiene items, warm clothing and shoes.  These items were transported to the border and safely distributed to families there with the help of the Jordanian military. This was all done within one week and with zero overhead costs - 100% of all donations went directly towards this effort.

Unfortunately, 17,000 Syrians, including elderly, pregnant women, and children, are still trapped on the border. The Syria Fund will continue to respond to this emergency situation and if you would like to continue to support this specific effort, please mention "border response" in donations here

Check out the pictures below to see how far your donations went and thank you as always for your support!