Thoughts on the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Like many of you, we were transfixed last week by the images of the body of an innocent Syrian boy washed up on the beach in Turkey and of the thousands of refugees willing to walk hundreds of miles through Europe to realize better, safer lives away from conflict.  But resettling refugees in Europe is not a sustainable solution. 

An editorial in today’s New York Times helps explain that one of the reason Syrians make the impossible decision to flee by boat, on foot, or hidden in the back of a truck is that conditions are so miserable for refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.  Large aid agencies are running out of funding because countries that have committed money have failed to provide it.  The Syria Fund offers an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of refugees in Jordan today.

With the help of our dedicated board members, our incredible youth ambassador and all of you, we are hoping to raise $25,000 prior to our trip to Jordan on October 15th to build a multi-functional facility that will provide catch-up classes for children and professional development for young adults in a safe, nurturing environment.  We’ve already raised $7,000 and are confident that we can reach our goal with your help!

What can you do to help?  Please take a moment to forward this email, post a link to our website on social media, or mention us to others who want to get involved.  If every recipient reaches out to just three interested people, we will reach more than a thousand people looking to make a difference.

Thank you for your continued support and for making a difference today!