Building a Library!

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your tremendous support, we have raised $30,000 over the last month and a half!  We are thrilled to tell you about the incredible work that has already begun.   

In Azraq, Jordan, the population has nearly doubled from the influx of Syrian refugees.  Nearly 50% are minors and 3 out of 5 kids are out of school due to lack of space and economic deprivation.  After years of missed classes, children are often too far behind to enter school even if the opportunity does become available. 

To help address this massive need, we began construction this week on a community room and library, an addition to a community center run by our local partner charity, the South Azraq Women’s Association (SAWA).  In the coming weeks, we will fill the room with hundreds of books and hired instructors to teach catch-up classes and host reading groups for children who otherwise don’t have access to education.  As the center grows, we will supply computers and expand our educational programs to provide technology and English classes to young adults.

The Syrian refugee problem isn’t going away.  This project will be sustainable over time as we work with our local partners at SAWA.  We will empower the community to play a role in the programs and provide employment for local teachers and administrators to help the center thrive.

As you can see, your donations are already having a tremendous impact.  Together, we are helping families get back on track, educate their children and create a new sense of purpose.  We encourage you to tell your friends about your involvement with this project by sharing our website (!

We will be in Azraq to oversee the construction of the center in just two weeks and look forward to sharing updates.  Thank you again for your continued support. 


The Syria Fund Team