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The Azraq School - SOUTH AZRAQ, JORDAN

Our flagship education program in Azraq has approximately 110 students in 4 grades. What started as a small collection of caravan classrooms for the high-concentration of Syrian children in the area has blossomed into a fun and engaging learning center!

Students come from 8:30a to 12p for Arabic, Math, English, Science, IT, Library, Music classes and more! While we use books from the Jordanian curriculum to complement their second-shift Jordanian curriculum, we supplement it with a lot more – from science activities with microscopes to teaching music and exploring the world with VR.

We’re committed to the success of the Azraq School and are ensuring the longevity of the program by paying the monthly salaries of fulltime teachers - both Syrian and Jordanian, providing necessary school supplies and curriculum books, and enhancing the program with extracurricular offerings like music, art and IT.

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About the logo

Designed by 13 year old student, Ibtisam Al-Hazaa, The Azraq School logo reflects the promise of education. We believe that if you give children the opportunity to learn, they will grow into the future leaders that we know they can be. Thanks to Ibtisam for this beautiful design!