The Azraq Center is committed to serving the wider Azraq community in any way possible. Humanitarian aid is one of the cornerstones of our mission of making a difference for refugee families in the local area.



The Azraq Center is addressing the massive humanitarian crisis among Syrian refugees living in Jordan by regularly providing basic supplies to support families in need. Our efforts are successful because of our strong partnerships with local charities and vendors.



Food assistance to families includes staple items like rice, lentils, canned beans, oil, powdered milk, and more. Food boxes are designed to provide staples, supplemented with fresh vegetables and meat for a family of six for two weeks.



It may be surprising to learn that winter is extremely cold in Jordan! With freezing temperatures, rain and snow, many families are ill prepared to deal with the harsh climate. Throughout the winter season, the Azraq Center provides distributions of heaters, fuel, warm winter clothing and blankets.



Harsh weather conditions and lack of access to regular hygiene items leave many refugees vulnerable to many skin and other bacterial infections. The Azraq Center provides ongoing assistance in the form of soap, shampoo, and household cleaning supplies. An additional emphasis is placed on menstrual care products.


A New Tent- January 2019

In January, an intense winter storm hit Azraq with freezing temperatures and gale-force winds. A Jordanian family with four young children living in a tent in a rural desert area literally lost their home in the middle of the night when the winds ripped the tent from under them.
TSF and our local partners at the South Azraq Women’s Association responded immediately. Police picked up the family from the desert and brought them to one of our classrooms that we quickly converted into a shelter for the night.
In the morning, we brought warm jackets and other outdoor clothes for the children. We purchased a new sturdy tent and carpet for the family. Within hours, the tent was properly set up and the family was back on their feet.