Enrichment Programming

In addition to the core academic subjects, The Azraq Center provides enhancement classes in Music, IT, Art, History, English and more to supplement learning.



Songs for Syrians is a music education program designed for Syrian refugee children in partnership with S'Cool Sounds, a music non-profit based in New York City. S’Cool Sounds has brought their innovative approach to the group study of instrumental music and dance with students and teachers using recorders and local percussion.

Students learn instrument performance through recorders and percussion and perform as ensembles for various concerts and events throughout the year!



Using laptops and tablets, students are taught essential computer skills. The IT teacher works closely with the level teachers to integrate IT into their basic curriculum using Microsoft Office programs like Word, Powerpoint and Excel to create reports. Additionally, students will learn skills such as typing, and will be taught the importance and intricacy of internet safety.



Through life drawings, decoration making, and mural painting alike, The Azraq Center incorporates art classes into its daily schedule (?), allowing students to see the beauty around them through a creative and artistic lens.



From a daily gym class and frequent field trips, to participation in a community garden, there is rarely ever an empty minute at The Azraq Center. The Center provides plenty of opportunities for students (and faculty) to engage with the beautiful world around them, outside of a classroom setting.