The purpose of this proposal is to seek funds to set up and sustain three new schools in Northern Jordan to provide remedial education and psychosocial support to 450 Syrian refugee children and other vulnerable youth who have missed years of school. The schools will also provide employment opportunities for more than 15 adults and host educational and recreational activities for parents and many others in the community.  The Syria Fund is requesting funds of $335,312 for the set-up and running costs for one full year (12 months) with the goal of continuing the program into the future. 

An estimated 80,000 Syrian youth in Jordan remain out of the classroom. Barriers to entry include lack of funds for school supplies (which families have to provide), transportation costs, psychological trauma, bullying, and children who are working illegally to help support their families.  After missing years of school, many refugee children have fallen too far behind to return to formal schooling with students in their age group. Many children are grieving lost family members and have suffered other psychological trauma and, without an intervention to provide a brighter future, their health will continue to deteriorate.

Giving Syrian refugee children a seat in school is only the first step in addressing their educational needs. These students will require additional remedial and sustained academic and psychosocial support to catch up on their missed years of education, and to keep up with their Jordanian counterparts in formal schools.

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Needs addressed:



As education remains an urgent need for out-of-school children and others facing academic difficulties, the program provides children with classes in Arabic, Math and English.

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psychosocial support

The program staff will be educated in trauma intervention by our Child Protection Specialists to help address the impacts of grief, forced relocation, and other stresses in the lives of students. Children are given classes in Physical Education and the Arts combined with a simple Life Skills curriculum to ensure their overall well-being.

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youth engagement

Adolescents and teenagers are targeted through Life Skills trainings and youth-led community engagement activities.


Community Learning

True to our child-centered approach to community development, the program ensures engagement from parents and community members into children’s education through awareness sessions and social cohesion events.

The Impact:

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The Budget:


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